In the ever-expanding industry of personal training the demand for highly skilled fitness professionals is growing, but as a graduate from full fitness education you are fully equipped to become one of the very best. becoming a personal trainer is only the beginning of your career in the fitness industry; in fact a wealth of options are available to you once qualified. take a look at the multiple career opportunities that open up for the academy’s graduates.

Strength and Conditioning Coach.

A strength and conditioning coach typically works on preparing an athlete for a major event. a sports professional undoubtedly has a massive expectation to do well and stay at the top of their game and therefore it is the strength and conditioning coach’s job to ensure that they are stronger, faster and fitter so as to stay the best and free from injury. The strength and conditioning coach will identify the needs of the athlete and design a structured programme consisting of both strength and conditioning exercises which target their strengths and weaknesses to result in a better performance. Working alongside the main coach, the strength and conditioning coach will design and implement a tailor made combination of both exercises targeting specific muscles groups and stamina building half-hour intensive workouts. progress monitoring is an essential part of this job role.

Studio Coordinator

Group exercise classes are perhaps the most effective means of inspiring individuals to become health and fitness enthusiasts. teaching group exercise classes also offers a great chance to step out of the one-to-one experience, utilise your interpersonal skills and pass on your fitness knowledge and flair for health and wellbeing to others. Exercising really can be fun and you could be the person to help people believe it! ideally, 20-40-member groups are perfect interactive classes and provide the perfect stage to sell yourself, where you can push training and allow members to have some fun while working out all within a dynamic and vibrant environment. circuit training, exercise to music and aerobic classes are just a few possible options. Not only is it a great way to earn some extra money but it offers a chance to engage with those daunted by the gym. by creating a fun and safe environment, your knowledge, skills and enthusiasm can help motivate those intimidated by the thought of the gym experience.

Club Management

Having established yourself as a personal trainer, you may find your love for the field drives you to further develop your skills. for those constantly seeking a new challenge and way to evolve, club management is often the chosen career path. Becoming a club manager allows you to still keep a hand in personal training but also allows you to develop other significant interpersonal and communicative skills in people management. Typically, the first role personal trainers aspire to become is a health and fitness manager. in this role you would not only be responsible for your staff team, but you would need to organise, overlook and manage the gym as a whole. Though the role may be demanding, it is equally rewarding, offering you the chance to work with likeminded people whilst building your experience and confidence in management. once proficient in your role, there are a wealth of other managerial roles that you could explore Including sales manager, membership services manager, duty manager and of course the pinnacle of general manager.


Having spent time working as an expert in the health and fitness industry, one option in which to search for a new challenge is to step into the role of a tutor. Becoming a tutor is a rewarding and effective way to not only maintain the knowledge you have gained throughout your career, but to also impart it on others who are embarking on their journey into the world of health and fitness. it is an extremely fulfilling role which allows you to share your passion to help inspire others. It is a requirement that you have at least one years experience in the industry to become a tutor and it is advised that you first obtain an assessor qualification prior to applying for tutor roles as it gives you a real head start in the field.

Level 4

If you are keen to develop your understanding of, and confidence in working with individuals with complex conditions such as obesity, diabetes, and cardiac problems then enrolling on a number of specialist l4 courses can do just that. Becoming a l4 specialist is a very rewarding role; often working with people with very debilitating conditions, being an influential player in helping them to acquire a better quality of life and putting a smile on their face is an amazing feeling. The nature of the l4 specialist role means working much more closely with a range of clinical staff such as gps, nurses and physiotherapists; really opening up the world of the multi-disciplinary team. not only will this build confidence and knowledge but creates potential for further career development and job opportunities