Full Fitness Training Academy (FFTA) Terms & Conditions

Please be sure to read these terms and conditions in full before enrolling on your course. In particular please pay attention to section 7. Cancellation & non-attendance

Please call and speak to a member of FFTA staff if you need more information This does not affect your statutory rights.

1. Course selection.

Select the course that you require and please speak to a FFTA staff member to assist you if you require career or professional advice to ensure that you are selecting the right pathway. You should then complete our enrolment form in full and send it to our office via post or e-mail. Alternatively you can telephone a member of the FFTA Learning team who will go through the form with you.

2. Paying in full.

If you are paying for the course yourself, you will be required to forward the full amount for the course to secure your place on the course. Full payment must be received via the credit*/debit card, bank transfer or cheque. If a cheque is returned to us from the bank, there will be a £30 administration and bank charge fee applicable and you will have to use another form of payment. Prices are subject to change from time to time, however you will be charged the price that is currently advertised or that which has been agreed with you.

3. Third-party funding.

If your employer/sponsor is funding the course, you must complete your employer\’s details in the invoice address section on the enrolment form, including a purchase order number in the payment section at the bottom. Payment must be received in full before your certificate will be issued. Once we have received and confirmed your booking, if you fail to attend the course, your employer will still be invoiced and liable for the full course fee amount.

4. Overdue payment and attendance.

FFTA reserves the right to disallow a student from attending a course if there are outstanding or overdue payments on their account. Any outstanding payments must be cleared before any attendance and this will be strictly applied. Students who fail to settle overdue payments after 2 written reminders (letters, or emails) will be automatically passed to Credit Protection Association to commence a legal debt recovery procedure.

5. Course confirmation.

FFTA cannot book and confirm your place on a course until we have a completed application form and full payment or a payment plan arranged by Recurring Payment Agreement or an official purchase order number from an employer. If you have not received confirmation letter from us that you are booked onto the course, it is your responsibility to check that payment has reached our finance department.

6. Course engagement.

Once you are enrolled onto the course, you will be sent your course workbooks and study materials, along with details of tutors and student support. You will also be given all the information that you need for attending the course. Having received the manual, the Student should contact the Student Support team in order to receive introductory information regarding the learning process.

7. Cancellations & non-attendance.

By signing and returning the enrolment form you are agreeing to undertake and pay in full for your training. By using our website or enrolment/booking form or placing an order over the telephone or via email you are confirming your acceptance of our Terms and Conditions. Please note that if you are not the billing card owner, you must obtain the full permission of the cardholder before placing an order on the website or via enrolment form or over the telephone. You have the right to cancel your booking providing you do so within 48 hours of your confirmed enrolment date which will be the date and time that we received (or completed on your behalf) your enrolment form and received your initial payment. If your course falls within 48 hours of your booking you will not be eligible for a refund. Please note that in the case of cancellation there will be a cancellation fee deducted from your payment to cover the administration costs incurred by FFTA. The cancellation fee will be £150.00. Cancellation fee for 1 day CPD courses will be £25. If you cancel a course, you must immediately return all course books and materials to us within this time limit and these must be in the condition which they reached you or you will be charged the cost of the manuals. This is required before we can make the refund. Each application for refund will take up to 14 working days to be processed. In the event of valid cancellation within 2 days if a recurring payment plan has been set up, FFTA reserves the right to deduct the second instalment for which will then be refunded to the customer’s card once received. This is due to the arrangement between FFTA and merchant services provider. If you decide to cancel your booking after 48 hours of booking NO REFUNDS ARE GIVEN and this includes circumstances such as illness or injury or for any reasons that mean you cannot attend or undertake the course. In such circumstances you may be able to transfer your course to a third party, or apply for an indefinite extension, but in these circumstances you will need specific written agreement from FFTA. If you fail to attend and fail to inform us that you will not be attending, you will have to re-book the course and pay the full fee (minus the cost of the materials) once again. If you fail to attend a course and have outstanding payments you will be still be requested to pay in full.

8. Transferring your course date.

Once a course has been booked you will be expected to attend on the dates agreed. However, if you cannot attend your chosen dates for any reason and you wish to change to another date, we will arrange to reschedule you onto a future course – subject to availability of course spaces and a £150.00 transfer fee. If you inform us within 7 days of booking the course (your confirmed enrolment date) this transfer will be free of charge. If you do wish to transfer, it is very important that you notify us via a written letter or e-mail a minimum of 24 hours before your course attendance. Failure to notify us will result in you being recorded as a non-attendee in which case you will be required to pay the full course fee again if you wish to re-book. The transfer fee for all one-day CPD courses is £50. You can only transfer a course date 3 times and until your transfer fee is paid you will not be booked onto the next course. If you cannot attend for medical reasons, providing that you produce a valid medical certificate the transfer fee may be reduced by 50% at the absolute discretion of FFTA. FFTA can only confirm your place on the new course after the transfer fee is paid in full.

9. Assessments.

Please note that for the practical assessments you must arrive on time. Failure to be punctual may result in you losing your assessment place and require you to reschedule at an additional cost of £100.00 (practical) £50.00 (Theory). PT and Gym students must bring one subject for the practical assessment and they are likely to be required for around one and a half hours. Failure to supply assessment subjects may result in your assessment being cancelled in which case you will have to reschedule at a cost of £100. FFTA can only confirm your new assessment dates after the £100.00 is paid in full.

10. Re-sits.

If you do not attend or you attend and fail either a practical or a theory assessment you will need to arrange to re-sit. All practical reassessments are free of charge if you decided choose the unlimited re-sit option. If not they are charged at £100.00 each and theory re-sits are charged at £50 each. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have checked that the time, date and location of the re-sit is the correct one that you require. FFTA can only confirm the new exam date when the applicable fee is paid in full. Non-compliance to the rules of conduct during an assessment including malpractice in any exam will result in the student’s immediate withdrawal from the exam. The student will then be subject to an additional fee to re-sit this exam. Serious malpractice may result in complete withdrawal from the course without recourse to a refund.

11. Submission of work.

Where your course requires work to be submitted you are required to submit this by the date stipulated from student support. Failure to do so will mean that you will not be assessed on the designated assessment days and you will therefore incur the appropriate charge to reschedule your assessment dates.

12. Venues & dates.

FFTA endeavour to book quality training venues at convenient times and dates. However from time to time these may change and this may be outside of our control. Furthermore we cannot guarantee that all courses will reach the minimum numbers required to run the course, subsequently we reserve the right to reschedule or cancel the courses should this occur. Where this is the case, notification will be sent to you via email and you will be entitled to a free course transfer to an alternative course date or venue (subject to availability). With this in mind we suggest that any travel or accommodation booked is flexible to allow you to transfer as we will not be liable for non-refundable travel and accommodation. Occasionally the Awarding Organisation’s change the course syllabus and where students have booked a long time in advance, additional time and new learning materials may be required. If the delay is not as a result of a change of dates from the original course that you booked, then FFTA will provide new materials.

13. Certificates.

Course/module certificates will be issued to the students only after the payment for the course was received in full by FFTA. The certificates will be despatched via recorded delivery which requires the student to sign for the letter upon delivery. The delivery address will be the same as the one given on the enrolment form in the field Home address (for manuals & certificates). Should the delivery address change, the student will need to notify FFTA in writing before their certificate is despatched. FFTA does not take the responsibility for the certificates which have not been collected by the student or returned to FFTA office by post. In case of mail returns the certificates can be re-posted after the student has paid the £15.00 postage fee to FFTA. *replacement certificates which need to be requested by FFTA from awarding bodies will cost £100.00 per each certificate. The student will need to make the payment in full before the replacement certificate is requested.

14. Special offers.

Occasionally FFTA may announce special offer prices of courses to the students who book the course within certain period of time with dates defined clearly in the special offer terms. The discounted price / offer will only be valid to the students who make the full payment or in case of the payment plan – the first instalment payment agreed with FFTA Sales Team. If the first payment does not reach FFTA by the last day of the special offer the regular price of the course will apply to the student. Only one special offer will be honoured at a time. If you have purchased a course and then find that this course has subsequently been offered at a different price or incorporating different components you will not be entitled to the special offer price or course package.

15. Updates.

Please always refer to the current version of FFTA Terms & Conditions available on www.f-fta.co.uk or from a member of staff upon request.